Bait Information



There are a few colors in the color list that are marked as bleeders. This means the color will bleed over onto a different color bait if they are next to each other. If it is the same color bait this does not matter.
If you select a bait with the option of colored Claws, Tips or Tails, and the color you select for the bait is a bleeder, that color will bleed into the color that has been selected for the Claws, Tips or Tail.



These colors will change depending on how the light shines through the bait, going from dark to light.



These are my suggestions.
Small baits - use small glitter or some large and small glitter together.
Large baits - use a combination of small and large glitters or just large glitters.
Glitters can change the color of the bait from a light to a dark look.

This is something to also keep in mind, some glitters may appear to be the same color as the plastic.
For example, some glitters such as Royal Blue, Silver, or any light colored glitter in green color plastic such as Watermelon, or Green Pumpkin Green will make the glitter look green.
But Royal Blue, Silver or any light colored glitter in Black color plastic works fine.



Salt will make baits sink to the bottom.
Claws, Worms, Tails or any part of the bait will lay flat on the bottom, it will not rise up into the water table.
You want to put salt in Stick Baits, Flipping and Pitching Baits. These baits do not have much action and salt helps them sink to the bottom.
Iíve been told like everyone that salt gives the bait taste for the fish but Iím not convinced.
I have flake salt that can be added to the bag after the baits are made and packaged. This will give some salt flavor to the outside of the bait.
If you want flake salt added to the bag, request this in the comment area when checking out.