K C Injection Baits - Soft baits fish hold onto




If you select to have salt in your bait, it will make the bait sink and lay flat on the bottom.
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4" Laminated Zulu Jr.

The 4 and 5 Laminated Zulus will be made using the dual injection process only. The reason for this is that the tail is so thin, this is the only way the lamination can be done. There will be some rollover on the left and right sides as seen in the picture above. Heavier pigmented colors such as black will give more drastic rollover. The 7 Laminated Zulu will continue to be made the same way resulting in the straight-line between colors.

This bait can be found on the Laminated Baits page.



Welcome to my website where you can buy hand injected baits or hand poured baits.

I have provided a large selection of colors and glitters so you can create your own custom baits.

I began making my own baits when I could not find the color and glitter combinations that I wanted to fish with. Friends liked the baits I was creating and asked me to make custom baits for them. This has now evolved into a business where you can select the color, glitters, scent and salt to create your own custom baits.

Since these baits are softer than what you normally buy, fish tend to hold on to them longer resulting in a better hook set.

If you do not see what you are looking for, you can contact me with your request and I will work with you to create your own special combination of color, glitters or laminations.